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About Us

We are a team of entrepreneurs that provides cross platform creative video ad solutions to publishers and advertisers around the world.
We have lots of experience and no barriers.

Our Vision

Our vision and goals are to provide an open environment with no dependence, Which allows both publishers and advertisers to use high level video ads within the ad server, so that no code interfering is needed on site pages.

Our model is based on paying for usage only, so that all complicated agreements are off the table, allowing us to focus on the product.

Our Experience

With more than 13 years of experience in implementing and maintaining in the video players architecture (back in the days when Flash was alive) and in ad servers (going back when Double Click wasn’t Google’s), our team is as sharp as a knife when it comes to streaming video ads via publisher’s ad servers.

We took all our walking miles in the digital advertising road and transformed them into a simple, creative yet powerful tool that can provide complex video ads in just a few clicks.

Pricing Table

50,000 impressions

Come taste the brand
  • We will give you 50,000 free impressions for promotional purposes.

1 million impression

  • Use 1 million impressions with any Alooma product and with no time limitation.

5 million impression

  • Use 5 million impressions with any Alooma product and with no time limitation.

More plans

Fill in number of impressions
  • You can fill in a number of impressions that fits your campaign goals